Role of Private Investigator in Winning an Attorney’s Case

No matter how talented an attorney’s assistant is, how powerful an attorney’s track record in winning cases is, there is some information still remaining which the private investigator can offer to make a case stronger. When you require an analytical mind or just somebody who likes uncovering new evidence, a private investigator in Mississauga is the only professional you need. How can a private investigator assist a lawyer? After all, lawyers are talented in research, interviewing, forming debates and presenting evidence, so is it worth to hire a private investigator instead of a lawyer? Below you can check out what all things a private investigator can do for an attorney.

Private Investigator Mississauga

Help with Computer Forensics

In this digital world, exposing information hidden in smart phones and computers can be of much importance for a case. A private eye can review someone’s online chats, purchases, downloads, financial transactions, browsing history, emails, photos and even more to piece together essential information. Even deleted files may be recovered and can assist in cases which need to prove theft, infidelity, fraud, intellectual property theft, blackmail, destruction of information and sexual harassment.

Help in Finding New Leads and New Proof

private investigator in mississaugaA private investigator can discover things more easily which the attorney may miss out because he deals the case with fresh eyes. As the private eye doesn’t know the case details, he can evaluate new avenues thereby finding out new leads and proof. Some of the illustrations are witness statements, emails, claims, police reports, inconsistencies in investigation and medical records. All these case clearances are well handled by a private investigator in Mississauga because of their years of experience in the field of investigation.

Help in Finding Hidden Assets

private investigator in mississaugaKnowing about the involved assets is important in civil cases like divorce. However, an attorney may know about the hidden assets but getting the evidence to prove this legally is done by a private investigator. The private investigator in Mississauga can check for undisclosed income, offshore accounts, hidden real estate and many more to assist a victim claim after discernment.

Help in Conducting a Social Media Check

Social media helps in evaluating a person’s real identity and make out a comprehensive background of a person. A professional private investigator can link the dots between a social media profile and facts in public which can help in creating stronger legal discussions thereby winning a case.

Help in Doing Surveillance and Offer Video Evidence

Whether it is a fraud or cheating, video evidence is a gripping proof that such may have occurred. Powerful evidence which leaves no doubts can really turn tides in a case. There is no doubt that both lawyers and private investigators are experts in their particular fields. An attorney is familiar with the law and how to present details in a way which the law will favor. On the other hand, a private investigator in Mississauga consists of skills and techniques to uncover some of the very essential details legally. It only makes sense for both experts to work together!